The Ergonomic Denture Brush

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Trioblanc® takes care of the toughest stains, like coffee, tea, nicotine, or residue from adhesives on the inside of your dentures.

The special shape of the brush, compared to standard handle brushes, generates more efficient cleaning without toothpaste.

The ergonomic shaped grip of the brush is helpful in particular for elderly or motorically impaired patients providing a useful and easy tool.

Clean your dentures with warm water only!
No toothpaste needed.
best denture brush
Cleaning the tooth surface:
Use the large white bristle part.


Cleaning of problem zones:
(in-between teeth etc.) Use main blue/white bristle comb and/or blue bristle tip
getting dentures clean
Cleaning of small pieces:
With the blue colored small separate part of the bristles.
(For anchors, clasps and precision attachments)
cleaning dentures
Cleaning the inside of the dentures:
With the round blue colored end and the large white bristle part.